Traditional ways of making livestock feeds


  1. Go into the field and cut the stalks of the maize, sweet reed, sorghum to mention a few.
  2. Cut the stalks into pieces and dry using the abundant sunlight.
  3. Feed livestock during the winter season.


  1. Cut the green grass near your farm/cattle-post and dry it or mix it with the residue from the field



Phane is one of the highest protein containing feeds. It is abundant in Botswana & it is one of the most common sources of protein for Batswana.

  1. Go to your local Kgotla and get a permit to collect Phane (License cost P2.00)
  2. Go into the bush to collect Phane & make sure you have your license with you
  3. Cook and dry the collected Phane
  4. Pound and mix Phane with dried grass/ dried residue from the fields and feed your livestock!

WATERMELONS/ PUMPKINS (Marotse le magapu)

  1. Collect from the fields and cut into small slices to dry.
  2. Cut into smaller pieces (seta ka kika) then mix with other dried contents from the field
  3. Feed your livestock or you can feed small slices to your livestock immediately after drying


It can be left for 2 years and does not need a lot of manpower or money to do. All you need is:

  1. To cut the stalks while they are still green, cut into small pieces.
  2. Dig a pit on the ground, the other side should be shallow than the other,
  3. Cover the pit with polythene plastic or u can use old tents which do not have holes to cover the pit.
  4. Apply the cut pieces and apply pressure using a tank full of water, do that until the pit is full.
  5. Cover the pit with the polythene plastic avoiding holes for water or air to come in and out,
  6. Finally cover with soil.
  7. Then you can always open and feed the livestock