Precision Livestock farming (PLF)

With today`s growth in populations farmers are faced with challenges of increasing production to meet the demand; promoting sustainability and animal welfare due to large numbers of animals that they need to keep, practicing good health measures and making sure that there is enough production to meet the demand; reducing the workload of the farmer and having good farm operations to enable good control of the large number of animals. All this can be achieved by Precision livestock farming (PLF).


Definition of precision livestock farming: “Management of livestock farming by continuous automated real-time monitoring/controlling of production/reproduction, health and welfare of livestock.”

PLF is all about doing everything right e.g record keeping, nutrition management, performance recording, culling, managing gestation of pregnant animals and marketing. PLF is where agriculture meets technology to come up with viable information which is always updated

What opportunities does precision livestock farming offer?

  • Continuous fully automated monitoring of animals
  • To increase the efficiency and sustainability for farming and livestock production by monitoring (individual) animals
  • To improve the health and welfare of the animals
  • To deliver quantitative information and complete traceability of livestock in the food chain
  • Easier farm operations

Examples of Precision Livestock Farming

  • Precision feeding systems
  • Precision milking robot
  • Stable and farm management systems
  • Modisar