Mycoplasmal Pneumonia of pigs

This is a chronic respiratory disease of pigs caused by Mycoplasma Hyopneuminiae. this minute organism is able to colonize the normal lung, depressing lung defense mechanisms thus allowing other bacteria to produce secondary infections. it may affect pigs early after weaning but more commonly occurs during grower and finisher stages.


the disease can be transmitted from the infected sows (female pigs) to the offspring. the more prominent way of transmission is from pig to pig (direct contact.


  • chronic persistent coughing, growth retardiation and reduced feeding efficiency
  • coughing may persist from weeks to months
  • it may lead to death

Control and treatment

  • use of antibiotics to reduce the severity of the disease
  • depopulation and repopulation-this is a way in which the sows are separated from the pigglets after birth so that thy are not breastfed but later in time after they grow they are then put into the same farm to grow.