MMA Complex

MMA Complex is a combination of 3 diseases (Mastitis, Metritis and Agalactia) that often attack sow at the time of farrowing or several days after. it is one of the most common and serious causes of piglet deaths in many pig herds.

  • M-Mastitis- a bacterial infection of the udder (mammary glands)
  • M-Metritis- an infection/inflammation of the uterus, presented as vulval discharges
  • A-Agalactia- a reduction of total loss of milk production (detected when the nursing litter show signs of hunger and weight loss)



  • stress and mangement problems such as lack of hygiene (dirty and damp floors, draughty farrowing pens,bruises and cuts on the sows`s teats) are known to predispose sows to MMA complex


  • the udder becomes hard, swollen, hot and painful
  • sows lies on the belly to stop the piglets from suckling
  • sows often stop drinking,eating and producing milk
  • there may be a discharge from the vulva
  • piglets are frantically seen to be looking for something to drink
  • piglets will starve and within 2-3days the litter will start to die

Treatment and control

  • treatment includes the use of antibiotics and medicines to reduce inflammation and injecting products to stimulate milk production.
  • treatment should be given to the sow as soon as diagnosis is done.
  • the most effective way to prevent MMA complex is good hygiene
  • use protective clothing and equipment when handling the pigs
  • wash and disinfect farrowing houses, allow to dry and rest for 7-14 days and also wash the sows with warm water and soap before going into the farrowing house