Respiratory infections (Pneumonia)

This is a common and serious disease in sheep and goats. A number of different types of pneumonia complexes affect sheep and goats. Many times a combination of viral and bacterial agents infect the lungs as a result of stress such as weaning, transport, change of weather, poor air quality (high ammonia in confinement or dusty conditions in corrals), or a combination of factors.


·         Fever with a high temperature along with a moist painful cough and dyspnea (difficulty breathing).

·         Anorexia and depression may also be observed in an animal suffering from pneumonia.

Treatment and control

·         Upon diagnosis administer antibiotics. Because there are different types of pneumonia, it is important to work with a veterinarian to identify the type of pneumonia present and determine the most effective treatment.

·         To reduce the incidence of pneumonia, it is important to implement optimal sanitation and air quality practices in herd housing.

·         Make sure buildings have adequate ventilation and reducing dust are very important.

·         Any environmental condition that irritates the lungs gives infectious agents a chance to affect the animal.

·         Minimize transportation stress

·         Quarantine new animals before introducing them to the rest of the herd to prevent the spread of outside pathogens.

·         Provide good nutrition and water, and supplement with trace minerals to enhance immune function as necessary.