Protein Winter Lick

Protein winter lick is a ready mixed lick that is fed to the cattle during the winter season. It contains protein mineral and other mineral supplements necessary for ruminants. It is necessary to supplement pasture deficiencies during the dry winter season. It ishigh in quality protein supplement for cattle grazing on winter pastures. It stimulates the intake of dry grasses as well as digestion to reduce weight loss during the winter.

Importance of protein winter lick

  • Cattle Winter Lick helps to maintain the body weight and condition of pregnant cattle by supplying them with protein, phosphorus and trace minerals for the optimum utilization of dry winter grazing/roughage (hay).
  • Helps to ensure optimum reproductive efficiency in breeding animals
  • Cattle Winter lick is a ready mixed lick, therefore saves time and labour 

Supplying protein

The supplementation of the correct amount of protein is however essential in order to obtain maximum forage intake. Due to the ruminant`s ability to use urea protein source can be supplemented with urea. Urea will provide the animal with the necessary protein without the high cost of natural proteins

Winter periods

Winter can be divided into two periods. The first is the early winter with its protein shortage and then late winter where now there are low quality grass and shortage in grazing lands. This will eventually lead to low grass intakes and a low energy supply to the animal. For optimal reproduction it is essential to maintain the body condition of reproducing animals during this period. The correct supplementation of protein, minerals and also at this stage energy, is required.

Components of protein winter licks

The following table will show the different contents of the winter lick and their compositions. These compositions are bound to change due to different manufacturers.

Table: shows components and composition of minerals in Protein Winter Lick

components Composition (g/kg)
Moisture (max) 120
Crude protein (min) 300
Urea (max) 94
Urea protein of total protein 89.9%
NPN of total protein (max) 89.9%
Calcium (max) 30
Phosphorus (min) 12
Iron (min) 300
Copper (min) 50
Manganese (min) 150
Zink (min) 200
Iodine (min) 2
Selenium (min) 0.5
Cobalt (min) 0.5

Source: KK Animal Nutrition


Daily recommendations

Recommended intakes for cattle is 500-750 g/day