Farmer Focus

Farmer focus is all about setting the 12 months goals and drawing a travel map to the treasure. It is all about what you want to achieve in the year, reflecting on the past year and saying to yourself I did this wrong and this is how I’m going to correct it or saying I did this right and this is how I’m going to profit from the positive.


The process involves farmer having a good focus team in your farm where everyone knows their job and executes it very well, if your team lacks a certain skill or personnel find ways to bring that skill in to complete the team. The team will have to include your herdsmen, farmer, experts in livestock management specifically to the livestock you are keeping (Mokenti) and even other neighboring farms/moraka if you happen to share a grazing lands.

There a few pointers that Modisar will like the farmer to also add to their focus for the beginning year. They are as follows:

  1. Make sure that you have a comprehensive record keeping system. Educate your herdsman the importance of record keeping and show them how to do the recording.
  2. Visit your nearest Mokenti/veterinarian for a vaccination schedule that you can follow for the year. Make a breeding plan of how you are going to better take care of your livestock
  3. Increase ones knowledge on livestock management and practices. Knowledge is power, te more you are educated the better your decision making process.
  4. Lastly create a good team to manage your farm/moraka for the year.